Welcome to to Querétaro Rides

Querétaro Rides is the primier luxury shuttle, driver and car rental service in Santiago de Querétaro, México. All of our administrative staff have been carefully selected to be only the best of the best. All speak at least 2 languages and have years of experience working in the corporate and professional settings.

At Querétaro Rides we realize how important it is to todays professional to be in a comfortable setting with access to work. All of our shuttles and cars with drivers are equiped with wireless internet service so you can get in toch with your employees and collegues all over the world as soon as you arrive in one of our vehicles. Our vehicles are all the latest model of vehicles to offer you the highest level of comfort. For your safety, Querétaro Ride also has among its fleet of vehicles cars that have bullet proof glass so that you can be assured of safety.

If you decide to rent a car from Querétaro Rides, we are also the only service in Querétaro, Mexico that offers free drop-off and pick-up of the rental car. There is no need to come to our offices. We will bring the rental cars to you.